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MH MILLS LTD. In 1861, Ahmedabad put India on the textile map of the world the country's first textile mill in Ahmedabad. This was also the first indigenious salvo on the salvo on the textile front, against the British monopoly.

Inspired by this, scores of other such textile mills sprung up in the next few years one of the notable one amongst them being The Trikamlala Harilal Spining and Manufacturing Company Limited. Founded in 1888. This entity had a subscribed share capital of Rs. 3,70,000 divided in shares of Rs.1000 each. It was a Spining Unit and the installed capacity was 9,432 spindles. Making it, at the time, one of the largest and most modern units of its kind.

Sheth Achratlal Harilal ( Founder)

Sheth Ranchhodlal Achratlal

Shri Navanitlal Ranchhodlal

The success of the Mill was assured from its very commencement as it had visionary pioneers at its helm. A few years later, ralizing the immense potential, a Weaving Department was established. Having 302 looms together with ncessary preparatory machinery By the late thirties, the Mill had 750 looms.

The Mill also created a record of sort by paying dividend per share of Rs.842 , Rs 1102, Rs. 1106 and Rs. 686 respectively . During the years 1919 to 1922 when it completed 50 years of its operations, the Mill had the rare distinction of not having missed paying a single dividend.

If the management of the MIll earned considerable acclaim ofr its acumen and foresight the it also evoked appreciation of rits concern for the welfare of its workers. Chawls were built, free dispensary with qualified Medical staff was established and a creche with qualified Nurese and Ayah wa sprovided for the children of the workers, among many other facilities.


In 1939 the Mill completed its Fifty Years. But then there were more than one reasons for celebration for one, the Mill had been able to give a good account for itself in all those years. Having come a long way Both in terms of reach as well as reputation. Emerging as a leading full - fledged modern composite Textile Mill with 32232 spindles. 750 Looms and bleaching. Finishing and dyeing departements. The subscribed share capital having risen to Rs. 4.50 lacs.

Leading its Charge into The Next Fifty Years.

Then in the early eighties came another turning point. On August 7, 1982, the Mill acquired a sick composite textile unit the Bihari Mills Limited, which had an installed capacity of 30572 Spindles and 496 Looms along with a small process house and a 1500 strong work force. Both units were merged and the name of this unified entity was charged to The Maneklal Harilal Mills Limited on May 1, 1984.

With this new spirit of Change, the Century of Maneklal Harilal Mills was celebrated. One hundred glorious years of everchanging growth.

... And Never Changing Commitment.