Maneklal Harilal Mills and Industries Ltd. - The First Textile Mill in Ahmedabad.
Maneklal Harilal Mills and Industries Ltd., In 1861, Ahmedabad put India on the textile map of the world the country's first textile mill in Ahmedabad. This was also the first indigenious salvo on the salvo on the textile front, against the British monopoly.

Inspired by this, scores of other such textile mills sprung up in the next few years one of the notable one amongst them being The Trikamlala Harilal Spining and Manufacturing Company Limited. Founded in 1888. This entity had a subscribed share capital of Rs. 3,70,000 divided in shares of Rs.1000 each. It was a Spining Unit and the installed capacity was 9,432 spindles. Making it, at the time, one of the largest and most modern units of its kind.